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Christine Rosales, PhD

Assistant Professor


I am a social-community psychologist, interdisciplinary scholar, activist, and freedom dreamer. My primary research interests concern everyday forms of resistance against oppression and other-world-making, especially as engaged in by women and Communities of Color.

My goals are to intertwine risk with others (i.e. solidarity) in social justice struggles, educate, build, and work towards realities outside of capitalism, patriarchy, settler colonialism, white supremacy, ableism, etc. 

Contact Information:





Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz

Social Psychology

Designated Emphases: Feminist Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Thesis title: Building roots and wings: Latina women's daily resistance and freedom dreams

Thesis chair: Regina Day Langhout, PhD

Committee members: Drs: Cindy Cruz, Michelle Fine, Heather Bullock


M.S., University of California, Santa Cruz

Social Psychology


B.A., Chapman University

Major: Psychology

Minor: Peace Studies

Magna Cum Laude


McNair Scholars Program

Claremont Graduate University



January 2024- April 2024

Adjunct Professor, Community, Liberation, and Indigenous Eco-Psychologies Department,

Pacifica Graduate Institute


2020- present

Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, CSUMB

2019- 2020

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Dissertation Fellow

2016- 2019

Women's Center M.I.N.T. mentoring program coordinator, UC Santa Cruz

2013- 2019

Teaching fellow & graduate teaching assistant, UC Santa Cruz

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Home: Publications



Rosales, C. E. (2024). Radical self-love: A spiritual and visionary practice of resistance by Latina women. In M. J. Villaseñor & H. Jimenéz (Eds), Latinx experiences: Interdisciplinary perspectives  (pp. 321-331).  Sage Publishing.

Rosales, C. E. (2023). Finding a community in plants: Reexamining the decolonial project of rehumanization with our nonhuman relatives. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 29(1), 52–59.


Langhout, R. D., Rosales, C. E., & Gordon, D. L., Jr. (2022). “Success” in the borderlands: Measuring success for underrepresented and misrepresented college students. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

Rosales, C.E., & Majzler, R. (2022). We need more praxis: A case for praxis assignments in psychology courses. Teaching of Psychology, 0(0), 1-6.


Rosales, C.E. (2020). Building Roots and Wings: Latina Women’s Daily Resistance and Freedom Dreams (Doctoral dissertation, UC Santa Cruz).

 Awarded the 2021 Emory L. Cowen Dissertation Award for the Promotion of Wellness via the Society for     Community Research and Action (SCRA), Division 27 of the APA.

Rosales, C.E., & Langhout, R. D. (2020). Just because we don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there: Everyday resistance in psychology. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 14(1), e12508.


Rosales, J., & Rosales, C.E. (2019). Consejos de una Mamá Sobresaliente: Dialogue, Reflections, and Healing between a Salvadorean-Born Mother and her US-Born Daughter. Education, 45(3), 363-372.

Dissertation Zine:                                                                     

Other Publications





Rosales, C. (2022). Wearing a Mask is an Act of Anti-Racism and Radical Love.


Rosales, C. (2022). Who's your ancestor? 2022 plant life at CSUMB.


Rosales, C. (2021). Abolish RTP! Visions of transformative justice. CSUMB Diverse Perspectives.

UCSC MINT Collective (2020). Giving back the UCSC chancellor's achievement award for diversity: The MINT program.


Home: Courses


Spring 2024 Courses:

Psy 355: Social Psychology and Social Justice

Psy 357: Psychology of Liberation and Healing

Psy 200: Introduction to Research Methods

Psy 397: Independent Study (Research lab)

Previous Courses Taught:
DPC:923 Psychosocial & Collective Trauma (Pacifica Graduate Institute)
Psy 357: Psychology of Liberation and Healing
Psy 355: Social Psychology and Social Justice

Psy 149: Community Psychology

Oaks 47: Healing Justice: Building an Inner Sanctuary

CRES 177: Everyday Forms of Resistance in the Context of Neoliberalism, White Supremacy, and Settler Colonialism

Examples of Assignments & Previous student work (with student's permission):

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 12.18.59 PM.png

Psychology of Liberation and Healing Fall 2022 Class Zine

CRES 177 Zine

Psychology of Liberation and Healing Spring 2023 Class Zine

Spring 2023 PSY 357 Zine (1).png

Psychology of Liberation and Healing Spring 2024 Class Photovoice Project

In the Media:
Home: Research Interests
Program of Research
General Research Interests
Generally, my program of research surrounds the question, how are Women of Color dreaming about and creating other-worlds outside of coloniality and racial capitalism? What are the resistance and healing practices that we as psychologists have failed to pay attention to, validate, and celebrate? I am strongly influenced by Women of Color thinkers and healers in and outside of the academy, such as adrienne marie brown's concept of emergent strategy, and draw from work across multiple disciplines (e.g. ethnic studies, feminist studies, Latin American and Latino Studies). My work is strongly guided by liberation psychology and decolonial frameworks. I aspire to be an activist-scholar (always in the process of becoming) whose work is in service of people, not institutions or quotas.
If you are a student at CSUMB and are interested in this work, please contact me via email for possible research opportunities.
  Current Research Projects
  • My comrade Leila Ashman and I are cofounders of the Community Action Teams 911 (CAT 911) Seaside collectiveAs an abolitionist chapter, our aims are to organize mutual aid efforts informed by the community and participatory action research design efforts. The students in my research team are: Alo Wilson, Mikayla Castillo, Monce Navarro Carpio, and Jourdan Garnier.
  • Seaside CAT 911 Email: 

Links and Resources

I recommend checking out these rad Instagram Accounts:
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The Unapologetic Street Series

A visual series utilizing public space for storytelling by QPOC/Created by visual artist @johannareign 

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We exist to empower Doctoras (present/future) w/ femtorship support & connections

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Here are some scholarship resources:
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Links and Resources
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